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I have the pleasure of knowing Demetrius Holliman since April 2019 when he was employed at the University of New Haven at the Career Development Center. I worked there for 15 years until recently furloughed in April 2020 as Assistant Director of Career Preparation Programs. Demetrius worked with students on an individual basis, conduced group presentations on resume writing and other topics, also provided various career resources to the UNH community. I witnessed his professionalism and outgoing personality in helping to create a welcoming environment for our clientele. 

I reconnected with Demetrius on October 13, 2020, when I became his client. I have already signed up for another 6 weeks of training (three times a week). I will share that I personally have battled with weight problems for many years, and even went so far as to have bariatric surgery. I lost 100 lbs. however, found myself gaining weight again and was very discouraged. In the past, I worked with a personal trainer, but training now with Demetrius the difference in what I am achieving is amazing.

Working with Demetrius for the past few weeks has changed my life. Being home in the pandemic, it is very easy to sit in front of the television and watch Netflix. Demetrius has encouraged me to have a food diary, drink more water, and I am actually loving having TOFU on a regular basis. The training and exercise have strengthened my body, given me a reachable goal to attain and I am fitting in clothes that I have not worn for years.

I highly recommend Demetrius as a personal trainer. He will encourage you, help you, guide you, make you feel better about yourself, and most importantly, he has your back. 

Every time I hear him say, “I gotcha” I smile as I know he does, and we are doing this together as a team!

(age 65 and counting)

Kathy F.​

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I trained with Coach D while he was at Tapout Fitness for about 2 months or so. I took private 1-on-1 lessons with him and he was great. It was my first time learning to box, and he was extremely helpful and taught me a lot. He was accommodating and his lessons were reasonably priced. Would recommend.

Samana N.

Testimonials: Testimonials

I've trained with Coach D for 3 months at Tapout Fitness in Berlin and hands down, the best experience I've ever had at a gym. You can tell that he's really passionate about what he does and his only intention is for you to get where you want to be. He's super friendly, has great energy, and the fact that he makes working out fun says something! If you have a fitness goal in mind, I'd highly recommend that you reach out to him.

Aaliyah Y.

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I first worked with Coach D at Tapout Fitness in Berlin, Connecticut when he first started here in early 2020. He captured my attention with his high energy. He has the ability to make you feel like you can do anything and he has the skills to help you accomplish it. He’s not just a fitness trainer he’s a friend.

Team Member: Mikaila M.

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Since the beginning of the 2019 academic year, I was allowed to work with Demetrius as my Kickboxing instructor at the University of New Haven.  Demetrius has exceeded in his role of providing knowledgeable information in teaching the art of Kickboxing. 

The standards Demetrius sets allow for grave improvement while maintaining quality in safety at all times.  Demetrius does an amazing job always accommodating everyone in his classes, allowing for more progression to occur for each skill level, a very personalized approach.

Demetrius beaming smile and positive attitude really helps to create an environment where everyone is having a good time.  His motivation to push people is always radiating, and his upbeat and outgoing personality allows for an effective instructor to student relationship.  He has always made himself available for extra help, and his reliability has never failed.

His drive and proactiveness for the best are shown when he goes above and beyond the expected parameters, both inside and outside of the gym.  The dedication Demetrius has at all times, allows me to feel certain that he will greatly contribute immensely to whatever task he takes on. 

During my sophomore year of college working with Demetrius, his motivation and perseverance as a coach push me to excel in and outside of the gym. Following the spring semester of just doing a little bit of work on my own, I decided, when approached by Demetrius to join him on his team. We want to help push and motivate others and persevere to have the best and healthiest life possible, and I haven’t looked back since!

Team Member: Sarah P.

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I met and trained with coach D at an inclusive gym that included kickboxing, weight training, and high-intensity intervals.  His class was taught with great energy and drive. Coach Demetrius uplifts his client during, before, and after pushing them to go beyond their physical selves. Ending class with self-affirmations that leave you encouraged and proud that you lasted and accomplished a session with him. I was sad to see him depart from the gym however, I trust that anyone coaching with Coach D will be moved and pushed to their ultimate self.  I strongly recommend his services.

Christina G.

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Have nothing but high praise for Coach Demetrius' classes. Classes are energetic and motivating. Took a 5:30 am kickboxing class in Milford, CT and every class was intense. He was very supportive, helpful, and interactive throughout the class. Strongly recommend his class to anyone regardless of fitness level. Coach D's classes will keep you motivated to improve yourself.

Brandis F.

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Athletic Woman

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