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This section is to provide you with information, tips, suggestions, and things, I, Coach D, personally think will be beneficial for you and your journey moving forward

I hope this helps. Good luck champ! You got this.

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Physical Health

Physical health … Yay!

A general recommendation is to get a minimum of 150 minutes of mild to moderate aerobic exercises or physical activity, or a minimum of 75 minutes of intense and vigorous aerobic exercises or physical activity weekly. 

A rule of thumb is to work out at least 3x’s a week, and to not go at least 3 days (back-to-back) without working out.

Lastly, I’ve learned that you should drink about half your body weight in ounces daily. So i.e, if you are 150 lbs you want to drink about 75 oz of water daily. The same goes for an individual who weighs 250 lbs, they should be drinking at least 125 oz of water a day. If you divide that number by 16 (which is the normal size of a disposable water bottle) that's about 4 ½ and 8 bottles respectively a day.   

Mental Health

Mental health is a very important topic that we will explore and develop on in our own sessions very soon. A few tips would be to make sure you get outside daily, get away from the computer and phone. You can go for a walk and get some sunlight and fresh air, talk to a friend or family member, get some rest instead of binge-watching Netflix shows (yes I’m calling you out!), do something that makes you laugh, smile, happy and all of the above. Whatever you do, remember your mental health is important, and it is crucial for you to understand your mind, how it operates, and what works best and what doesn’t work as well for you and your journey moving forward.

Demetrius Holliman

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Emotional Health

Another critical topic and one that isn’t discussed as much is our emotional health. We all have feelings, thoughts, emotions, opinions, personality traits, and characteristics that make us unique and who we are as people. It is imperative that we understand what makes us happy, sad, angry (our “triggers”), fearful, confident, joyful, trusting, and the list goes on and on. Take this time to listen, understand, and be patient, kind, and humble with yourself and others. Feel whatever feelings you want, but remember to be respectful to yourself, others, and life around you. If you want to jump up and down and scream out loud how happy and joyful your feeling, do that. If you need to cry, go cry for a moment and then wipe those tears away. If you get angry for a moment, go hit a pillow, breathe and count to 10 and then go about your day. Whatever emotions we are feeling, we need to process and take the time to understand them, where they’re coming from, and how we can either fix that and or figure out (within ourselves) what we can do to carry that feeling with us through our varied lives.

Demetrius Holliman 

Spiritual Health

When it comes to our spiritual health, many of us have a particular notion of what it's "supposed" to be. You can be the most devout individual, but in my personal opinion I feel that spiritual health is about understanding yourself within nature, the world, and the universe we live in, all of which can be achieved. So I challenge you to "push the envelope" and develop your own spiritual health and what it means to you. That you can achieve by finding creative, positive, productive outlets, traveling, meeting new people, expanding your horizon, educating yourself, thinking critically and in all mindful ways, we can get in tune with our own spiritual health.

Demetrius Holliman

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